Organizational Improvement

We have the expertise to offer strategies to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of your organization(s) and to improve organizational success

Accreditation Build capacity to meet  national public health accreditation standards

Example: Completed self-assessment instrument

Quality improvement Support system-wide quality improvement activities

Example:  A plan to incorporate QI tools so that QI becomes a routine way of doing business

Consolidation Facilitate an assessment and analysis of options for structure and  governance of a potential health and human service agency

Example: A plan to consolidate that meets the specific needs of the service area or jurisdiction

Cross-jurisdictional sharing Provide methods and models for sharing resources across jurisdictional boundaries

Example: Feasibility study; plan for sharing specific resources to meet the needs across jurisdictional boundaries

Culture survey/workforce assessment Complete skills assessment of workforce competencies; assess attitudes, practices, structures and policies at the organizational level

Example: Assessment of workforce development needs and recommendations for improvement of organizational culture

Reorganization/restructuring Provide full range of reorganization/restructuring services, including assessment, staff engagement and planning to transform or mobilize the organization to adapt to the changing environment and to achieve the desired organizational structure

Example:  A detailed blueprint, including timelines and resource needs, to achieve the desired organizational structure

Finance & revenue maximization Provide strategies to diversify the organization’s funding base and identify ways that current activities or strategies can improve financial return and increase added value

Example:  Budget analysis and recommendations to improve financial outlook of the organization