Technical Assistance and Project Management

We have the expertise to serve as a resource on projects that require specific skills either for routine or resource intensive projects. 

Project administration Oversee deliverables for specific, intensive short-term projects.

Example: Projects such as Healthy Communities

Evaluation Develop and implement qualitative and quantitative program evaluations for both process and outcomes.

Example: Development of an evaluation plan for a large grant proposal showing both process and outcome measures.

Meeting facilitation Provide trained facilitators as neutral conveners to ensure an efficient, professional meeting representing input from all stakeholders.

Example: Developing agendas, facilitating meetings, identifying action steps and evaluating meeting outcomes.

Health informatics Develop integrated data reports that reflect the continuum of a public health issue.

Example: Data dashboard showing all public health indicators related to childhood obesity including breastfeeding, childhood BMI, nutritional and physical activity information and GIS information.

Report preparation/editing Write, produce and graphically present information in a compelling and easy to understand format.

Example: Annual Reports, Budget Reports, Grant Progress Reports, etc

Policy briefs and analysis Detailed policy analysis and decision support based on current research and political environment.

Example: White paper on an emerging health issue/policy

Grant writing Write grant proposals to government, private and local funders.

Example: Grant writing for Tier 1 NC counties to Kate B. Reynolds Foundation